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Open your ears!

Because here we go with the next couple of mixtapes! As always a lot of bass and stuff like that. Enjoy!

First mixtape comes from a new crew named Free Crush, which is Konekta and Devi, a couple from Oakland/USA. I hope they`ll release some stuff soon, because I´m really in love with the sounds they use and the fantastic remixes on that mix! Check out their site for some free goodies.




Vermin Street Geburtstagsständchen

Das Ausnahmelable Vermin Street hat Vinyl Blist beauftragt, einen Mix aus unreleased, upcoming und bereits bekanntem Shit zusammen zuschustern und das Ergebnis spricht für sich!


1. NoraJean – Jie (dub)
2. Computo – The Doppleganger (Vermin Street)
3. Misk – Turbulence (forthcoming Vermin Street)
4. The Spit Brothers – No Curfew (6Blocc Remix, forthcoming Dubs Alive)
5. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli – Wine Mek Me See You Remix (Forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
6. Computo – Banana Tits (forthcoming Vermin Street)
7. Encanti – Together (free download)
8. NastyNasty – Turf War (forthcoming Vermin Street)
9. Jahcoozi – Barefoot Dub (Vinyl Blight’s Hot Coals Mix)
10. Smokey and Casper – Crisp Crisp (forthcoming Vermin Street)
11. +Verb – Puddlegum (forthcoming Vermin Street)
12. Smokey and Casper – Red Pop (forthcoming Vermin Street)
13. DJ Flack – Enemy Beats (dub)
14. Stickem – Treckies (dub)
15. Mochipet – Vermin Bass Stacks (Vinyl Blight Mix, Daly City Records)
16. Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli – Mission (forthcoming Vermin Street)
17. Vinyl Blight – Dirty Conscience Dub (dub)
18. +Verb – Why U Gangsta (Vermin Street)
19. Misk – Blast Processing (forthcoming Vermin Street)
20. Vinyl Blight ft Noah23 – Blackstone (Mochipet’s Epic SynthHop Mix, Vermin Street)
21. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli – The Truth (Vinyl Blight Mix, forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
22. Vinyl Blight – Metal Riddim (dub)