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Das kann und will ich euch nicht vorenthalten!

Marinelli hat mit dem Mix „Tassebier“ einen Super-Sommer-Gute-Laune-Mix gezaubert! Übrigens kein Glitch und kein Dubstep…. Und ja, der Titel des Mix spricht mich an!


01 Quincy Jones – Summer In The City
02 The Pharcyde – Passin‘ Me By
03 DJ DSL – Oaschloch feat. Urbs
04 Gang Starr – Skills
05 Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Todd Terje Edit)
06 Boohgaloo Zoo – No Joke Dub
07 JJ Cale – Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
08 Mop Mop – Ash (Diesler Remix Dub)
09 Zaza – Dschungel Liebe (Todd Terje Edit)
10 Nina Hagen – African Reggae (Johnwaynes Black Culture Special Edit)
11 Mau Mau – Soma La Macia (Dub Version)
12 Hope’s Matters – Berlin Style
13 Uko – Automatic
14 Langoth -Grounding
15 Sly & Robbie – Billie Jean (Sly & Robbie and Taxi Gang version)
16 Attwenger – Dog
17 TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Dropout
18 Kinny & Horne – Us On Fire
19 Ye Solàr – Eggsample (Eva Be Eggme Remix)
20 Four Tet – She Moves She
21 Four Tet – Sing (Extended Mix)
22 The Noodleman/Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly (The Noodleman Lost Temple Dub)
23 Prins Thomas – Mammut
24 Texta featuring Attwenger – So schnö kaust gor net schaun!
25 Mugwump – Stanza
26 Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
27 Caribou – Odessa (David Wrench’s Drumapella)
28 Discognosis – Step By Step (Todd Terje Re-Step)
29 A Hundred Birds – Jaguar


Einmal mit Allem bitte

Stickybuds aus Kanada, hat hier einen Rundumschlag in Sachen Musik zusammengestellt, der wahrlich nach Sommer schreit. Funk, Whomp, Mashup, Breaks, DnB, Reggae, Glitch alles dabei und richtig fett gemixt! (via br)


Intro – Ft. Chewbacca, Dumbledore The Wizard and Senor Elgado
Basement Freaks – Here Comes Our Dilla
Lack Of Afro – International (Acapella)
Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane (Acapella)
Mashed Up Funk – Change my Bucket (Sticky Edit)
Outkast – Skew It On The Bar-B (Acapella)
DJ Wood – Turn Me On (Sticky Edit)
KMC – Am Not Drunk (Acapella)
Stickybuds – Kingston Funk
Stickybuds – Ass Cramp
William Breakspear – Hanky Skanky (Sticky Edit)
Jon Ohms – Bitches (Stickypod Edit)
Mr. Benn – Police (Acapella)
South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Acapella)
Funkanomics Ft. Badkat – Mission (Acapella)
Capleton – A Nuff’ A Dem (Acapella)
Parker – Western Soul (Acapella)
Nick Thayer Ft. Sporty O’ – Gimme Some More
Nick Thayer Ft. Sporty O’ – Gimme Some More (Acapella)
Skee-Lo – I Wish (Slynk Remix)
Stickybuds – Do What You Want To!
Kool Hertz – Cost of Living
James Brown – Mind Power (Basement Freaks Regroove)
Sista Widey – Prime Time (Kool Hertz Remix)
Beatconductor – Can’t Go For That (Sticky Edit)
John Legend – Used To Love You (Acapella)
Jungle Brothers – Brain (Acapella)
The Gaff – Get Up Stand Up (Sticky Edit)
Manmade – Party Block Rocker (Da Wiesel Remix / Sticky Edit)
Rodney P – Riddim Killa (Acapella)
Breakage – Hardcore Music (Skit)
Smov – Quality Soul (Sticky Edit)
Jurassic 5 – Quality Control (Acapella)
Breakbeat Junkie – Crazy Jerk
Fab Sampari – Listen Up (Sticky Edit)
Aphrodite Feat Deadly Hunta – Ganja Man (Sticky Edit)
Wicked Lester – I Go Now
Clipse – Last Time (Acapella)
Wicked Lester – Come On (Sticky Edit)
Alozade – Smoking Trees (Acapella)
Bro Safari – Amazon Rock (Sticky Edit)
Dj Vadim – Soldier (Glitchapella)
Pyramid vs. Specimen A – No Games (Sticky Edit)
Killaqueenz – Bitches (Acapella)
Stickybuds – Bass Now VIP (Acapella)
DJ Kid Stretch – Horny (Sticky Edit)
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Acapella)
Slynk + Dj P – Lovely One
DJ Kid Stretch – Horny (Acapella)
Crank Yankers –Ft. Special Ed – Do You Know That Song? (Skit)
Mooncat – Love Rockers
Fort Knox 5 – Uptown Trix (Shimon Remix) (Acapella)
Fort Knox 5 – Uptown Trix (Shimon Remix)
Wideboys – Girl Dem Shaker Ft. Jlc (Glitchapella)
Mooncat – War In A Babylon
Rodney P – Riddim Killa (Acapella)
Deekline + Ed Solo – Top Rankin
Bob Marley – Is This Love (Glitchapella)
Rox – My Baby Left Me (DC Breaks Remix)
Greasy South Vs. Les Garc?ons – Tambour Battant
Crooklyn Clan – It’s About Ta Get Hot (Acapella)
Pretty Lights – Sunday School (Slynk Edit)
Ill-esha – The Grande Slam Dunk (Sticky Edit)
Cecile – Changez (Acapella)
Outro – Chewbacca